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  • Gaarmyvet

    It Ends

    August 4, 2013 by Gaarmyvet

    Zero Hour has ended. It was, in retrospect, not the finest series on television but it was better than the endless parade of "reality" shows the networks visit upon us. How did it end? The duplicitous Anna Massey died at the hands of White Vincent as she was about to kill Hank Galliston, the man she supposedly loved who was for her nothing but a target. Arron Martin and Rachel Lewis appear to have come to a romantic understanding. Rebecca, who came so close to romance with Hank, is trying to rebuild her marriage to Theodore Riley. Hank proposes that Modern Skeptic revisit all the myths it has previously disproved. Eight months later, Vincent and Messenger Boy are standing in line hoping to be cured by Alima, who may or may not carry the clo…

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  • Gaarmyvet

    It begins

    February 15, 2013 by Gaarmyvet

    Day 1. aired this evening. Editors wanted!

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