Sri Trailanga
Sri Trailanga
Actor Yolande Bavan
Seen "Face"
Relationships Korbin Sturm, acquaintance

Sri Trailanga (Holy Trailanga) was an Indian woman. She was thought to be able to speak with the dead, but no proof of such a skill existed. She became New Thomas, one of the Twelve New Apostles,

Key EventsEdit

World War IIEdit

Sri Trailanga met Korbin Sturm when he was assigned to India as a part of Project Zero Hour. She placed a dot of red paint above and between his eyebrows.

Present DayEdit

Sri Trailanga lived in Chennai, India. Hank Galliston found her in a guarded compound in a slum. After making a symbolic offering, he was allowed to speak with her. She let him remove the makeup that concealed the mark of Thomas on her cheek. She verified that she had a clock and that "Hank" had told her that if she ever saw his face to destroy the timepiece. Father Satchet attempted to kill Hank and Rebecca Riley. After Rebecca killed Satchet, White Vincent entered the compound. Sri Trailanga stepped away from the spot of earth where her clock was buried. Vincent took her clock and killed her.