Henry Kelemen
Henry Kelemen
Character Messenger Boy
IMDb Henry Kelemen

Henry Kelemen (born June 15, 2003) is an American child actor

He spends a lot of time daydreaming about plants. He really loves plants. They are his only friends. Just kidding I'm his friend. Once he spent forty-five minutes trying to sand a block of wood into a sword. As you can tell, he is extremely intelligent.

i should mention that Henry has a really bad habit of sending his friends memes when they actually just want to have a conversation. He needs to work on this if he wants to have any friends left.

Henry is a very good Actor according to him because I have never seen anything featuring him nor do I ever plan to because that's weird And he is a potato.

Continuing the prior statement, Henry is very committed to potato rights. He believes that every potato should be treated with utmost respect.

But in all honesty, Henry has a heart of cheap plastic from the dollar store. Actually he is surprisingly a very good friend and someone that you know you can always turn to in a time of need but don't go tracking him down because he is an edge lord who hides in the shadows.

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