Anna Massey
Anna Massey
Actor Jacinda Barrett
Relationships Hank Galliston, husband

Anna Massey was a nun who was recruited into the Shepherds. She was assigned to monitor Hank Galliston under the moniker Laila. She married him and became a contributing writer at Modern Skeptic magazine and owner of Time to Go, an antique clock shop. One day, after purchasing an antique clock she was abducted from the shop by White Vincent. Her husband, Hank Galliston discovered that the newly-acquired clock contained a treasure map. What the map led to could have been cataclysmic.

Season 1Edit


Anna purchased an antique clock. She may have purchased it in her role as Laila without knowing its significance or she may have recognized it from briefings she received from the Shepherds. She was later abducted by White Vincent.


After White Vincent threatened to murder Laila, he took her with him to Chennai, India. Hank saw her in Vincent's car.




Anna's background as an operative for the Shepherds was revealed. She spied on the operations of clinic funded by The 41 Trust.








Massey was the only character portrayed by a star who did not survive the season.

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